Business location preferences can be rooted in a number of factors, but the most common are access to employees, access to customers, suppliers, or partners, transportation costs; and a desire to take advantage of cost differences and incentive offerings between regions.

We believe Hitchcock offers great potential for cost savings thru
decreased transportation costs, centralized location, utilization of our FTZ, aggressive incentive offerings, and the availability of skilled workforce in our region.


Diamond Hydraulics

“The City of Hitchcock community welcomes and accepts our business growth with warmth and encouragement. As a business owner it is a pleasure to work with Hitchcock City Council as the approval process is always completed with ease and professionalism.”

William Gibson, Owner, Diamond Hydraulics, Inc.

Galveston County

“Hitchcock has all the critical factors for commercial success regardless of the business venture selected. A creative, aggressive pro-business leadership leverages well their large tracts of reasonably priced land competitively located with close proximity to four large deep water ports with easy access to and through the greater Houston market to millions of corporate and individual customers. A motivated workforce, strong utility and transportation platform and very reasonably priced cost of living and doing business makes a Hitchcock location the foundation of your financial success.”

C. B. “Bix” Rathburn, Ph.D
Director of Economic Development, Galveston County

Texas First Bank

“The unique, personalized relationships and community pride of the city leaders is refreshing! They have made it easy for us to do business in Hitchcock by embracing and supporting our community bank for over 50 years and that’s why we call Hitchcock home!”

Kathy Cruse, Vice President/Regional Manager, Texas First Bank


“We could see the benefits of the Hitchcock site providing a centralized hub for most of our Industrial partners,” Hillman said. “We will be able to service our Texas Gulf Coast region more efficiently and effectively from this strategically chosen location.”

Darren Hillman, President, RedGuard

Next Move Group

“Sabrina Schwertner, Executive Director of the Hitchcock Economic Development Alliance, is a star in the making,” Chancellor said. “She answered our RFP diligently and provided prompt solutions to all our needs, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with her. Additionally, Bix Rathburn with the Galveston County Economic Development Alliance was a steady voice of calm as we worked through numerous issues, and he is to be commended. Finally, I must praise the Greater Houston Partnership and Texas Economic Development for all of their support. They made Redguard feel very wanted during the entire process. I encourage all of my site selection friends to take projects to Galveston County and Hitchcock, Texas.”

Chad Chancellor, CEO, Next Move Group